Life Membership of the LSCOBA UK Chapter is open to all persons who are both:

(i) residing in the UK and has a UK address; and (ii) has been studying for at least 1 year in La Salle College, Hong Kong.

We are also delighted to offer a Visiting Membership which is open to all persons who are both:

(i) visiting or residing in the UK ; and (ii) has been studying for at least 1 year in any primary or secondary schools in Hong Kong run by the De La Salle Brothers.

Visiting Memberships typically last for Three (3) years (or shorter durations upon request). It is extendable while the member still has a UK address.

Old Boys of La Salle College, Hong Kong who live outside the UK may register with the Secretary to become Registered Supporters of the LSCOBA UK Chapter.

Registered Supporters may apply to the Secretary to become Full Members or Visiting Members as soon as they start residing in the UK and acquire a UK address.


Members receive invitations to all LSCOBA UK Chapter social events as well as networking opportunities with other LSCOBA members in the UK and Hong Kong.


Life Members are encouraged to make an annual donation of £1 (1 GBP) towards the maintenance of the Chapter website. Donations may be made by UK bank transfers or in person to the Secretary.

For Visiting Members, a similar donation is requested from the applicant during the registration process.

How to join

STEP 1 :- Please download either version of our Membership Application Form below:


STEP 2 :- Complete and sign the application form, and then return it to our Secretary.

By E-Mail:


By Post:

La Salle Collage Old Boys Association – UK Chapter (LSCOBA)
Unit 130, Moat House
54 Bloomfield Avenue
Belfast BT5 5AD
United Kingdom

We will process your application and contact you within 5 working days. If you are sending it by Post, please allow an additional 5 working days .