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Event Invitation: Autumn 2018 Sunday Lunch and Social


Dear friends, I have the pleasure to invite you to our next social event in the UK.

Please join us for a relaxing lunch of Dim Sum in London. An excellent opportunity to network with LSC Old Boys in the UK, as well as getting to know our new members!

Date: 28th October, 2018 (Sunday) – 12.30 PM (TBC)
Location: Baker Street, London (Venue TBC)

*** Please note: Time and venue will be confirmed via e-mail to attendees once finalised. ***

A suggested donation of 25-30 GBP will be collected from each attendee to defray the cost of booking a function room (so we can sing our School Song!), as well as food and beverages. Alcohol is not included.

Places are limited for this event, so please reserve your place soon.

If you are interested in attending or have any enquiries about this event, please email me at

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at the event!

Yours in de La Salle,

Francis Wan (2003)
Secretary, LSCOBA UK Chapter

Privacy policy update

Dear friends, in light of the new data protection legislation (GDPR) which is coming into force across the UK from 25th May 2018, we have updated our privacy policy.

Our updated privacy policy may be viewed here.

If you are a member or a registered supporter, we will contact you shortly (primarily through e-mail) to explain what our updated privacy policy means to you, and how you may exercise your rights to access and control your personal data under the new legislation.

Should you have a question or any feedback about our privacy policy, or want to know more about how we use and protect your personal data, please contact us.

Yours in de La Salle,

Francis Wan
Secretary, LSCOBA UK Chapter

New LSCOBA.UK website launched!

Dear friends, today we are launching our new mobile-friendly website at

We will announce any planned upcoming activities on our website, so we encourage all our members to visit regularly for updates.

We welcome your thoughts on how we can make our website even better. If you have some feedback for us (Thanks!), please kindly send them to us at

Please help spread the news and let other LSC Old Boys in the UK know about this website. Thank you!

Yours in de La Salle,

Francis Wan
Secretary, LSCOBA UK Chapter